Digital Substraction Angiography (DSA) is one of the techniques in interventional radiology to get a picture of perfusion / blood flow in the blood vessels. DSA can produce a picture x-ray of the inside of blood vessels. When a blood vessel is blocked, narrowed, damaged or abnormal in a variety of ways, a variety of problems including a stroke can occur. By inserting a special catheter into the blood vessels that drain the target organ then inserted through the catheter contrast agents DSA will produce a visible flow in the blood vessels intended.

DSA has the advantage, e.g.: a fully conscious patient, with only local anesthesia, without the use of a scalpel (non scalpel), preventing recurrent stroke, and one day (1 x 24h) care. DSA can be done to find out some of the following conditions: narrowing blood vessel, early detection stroke, blood vessel blockage, aneurysms and arterivenous malformation (AVM).