Quality Performance


Background why Awal Bros Group is accredited by JCI

Our participation in (Joint Commision International) JCI accreditation is motivated by the desire of the Group Awal Bros to provide quality of service and standards of management quality. We focus on the comfort and safety of patients from admission to hospital, to see the doctor, get the medicine, and for the patient’s family. To achieve all this, the whole system is in the hospital should be improved quality, ranging from systems management, services, facilities, medication management, patient management, to the quality standards of doctors in providing service that is provided to the patient.

With the JCI accreditation then we are committed to providing high quality standards for each service that is in the hospital, so as to create a service that is very concerned about the safety of patients, families and visitors. For us the improvement of quality standards of the hospital would not stop even though we have achieved international accreditation. Due to the Group management Awal Bros quality of care for patients and also for the people must be maintained and improved. Our commitment to creating a Continuous Quality Improvement is a continuing commitment to the creation of patient safety in hospitals.