CT Scan is a procedure using X-ray which results are processed using computer to deliver more detail slice depictions. The depiction rendered by this technique is far more detailed compared to regular roentgen so that it can help in making accurate diagnosis. Awal Bros Hospital has MSCT Scan 68 slice and 128 slice, the CT Scan that can give better information and produce diagnostic depictions, especially for moving organ examinations, including the heart. The examination using this facility is fast, but can result in more accurate resolution depictions.

CT Scan can show the soft tissues, blood vessels, and bones in various parts of the body. CT Scan may be used to visualize head, shoulders, spine, heart, etc.  CT Scan are generally painless, fast and easy. Though the scanning itself causes no pain, there may be some discomfort from having to remain still for several minutes and with placement of an IV.

CT Scan Preparation

Patients will be given a gown to wear during the procedure. Metal objects (jewelry, eyeglasses, dentures and hairpins) may affect the CT images and should be removed prior to exam. Women will be asked to remove bras containing metal underwire. Patients will be asked not to eat or drink anything for a few hours beforehand if contrast material will be used in the exam.

Inform your doctor of any recent illnesses or other medical conditions especially heart disease, asthma, diabetes, kidney disease, or thyroid problems. Any of these conditions may increase the risk of unusual adverse effect. Women should inform if there is any possibility that they may be pregnant.

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