Phacoemulsification is an up-to-date cataract surgery technique using laser. This technique uses ultrasonic vibration to crush clouded eye lens. This procedure is used to restore vision in patients whose vision has become cloudy from cataracts. Phacoemulsification is safe for all patients, including babies with natural cataracts to the elderly. Phacoemulsification is done without making a wide slice in the skin so that surgery can be done quickly, easily and without suture.

Symptoms of cataracts include gradual (painless) onset of blurry vision, poor central vision, frequent changes in prescription for corrective lenses, increased glare from lights, and poor vision in sunlight. Surgery may be recommended if symptoms worsen

Phacoemulsification Preparation

The doctor may recommend a complete physical examination before surgery because patient health will affect phacoemulsification’s outcome. Before treatment, patients are usually required not to eat or drink anything after midnight the day of the surgery. Blood-thinning medications usually are asked to stop for a couple of weeks before surgery, but some medicine is allowed if the risk for stroke is high. Make sure to tell your doctor all medications you take.

Patients are awake for the surgery, but anesthetic eye drops will be given. Patients are kept in a relaxed state through surgery.

Phacoemulsification is done on an outpatient basis, so patients must arrange for someone to take them home after surgery.

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