Surgery Facility

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Awal Bros Hospital has 3 surgery rooms: clean operating room, contaminated operating room, and un-clean operating room. We have high-tech surgery equipment such as: laparoscopic machine, radiofrequency, anesthesia machine, C-arm, etc.

Laparoscope. Laparoscope or binocular surgery is a surgery, which is done through the abdomen wall, inserting a binocular camera into the abdomen. Compared to conventional surgery, which causes a 10 cm incision, this surgery only causes a 1 cm incision. Laparoscope can be executed in Awal Bros Hospital with a well-trained gynecology laparoscope surgery team.

Laparoscope surgery is as safe as conventional open surgery. This procedure can be used to perform a tubal ligation (a surgical procedure to sterilize a woman), repair a hernia, remove organs such as the uterus, fallopian tubes, bladder, spleen, gallbladder, ovaries, kidney, or appendix.

Radiofrequency. Radiofrequency ablation, also called rhizotomy, is a nonsurgical, minimally invasive procedure that uses heat to reduce or stop the transmission of pain. Radiofrequency ablation is a treatment option for patients who have experienced successful pain relief after a diagnostic nerve/pain receptor block injection.


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