Endoscopy is a special therapy to overcome digestion troubles, diagnostic or therapeutic, which is supported by skillful Gastro-entero-hepatology consultant (KGEH). Endoscopy is a sophisticated service technique to examine digestive outer-mains visually by looking directly at the monitor to detect various anomalies. This could be done by inserting a tool called an endoscope into a person’s body. Most endoscopes are thin tubes with a powerful light and tiny camera at the end. For most examinations with an endoscope, a sedative is injected into the vein. This increases the comfort of the individual undergoing the examination. Endoscopy usually only takes around 1 hour to complete.

Endoscopy is done for various reasons, include to investigate symptoms, diagnose medical conditions, treat problems, or to monitor changes or problems. Awal Bros Hospital uses this facility to support our service and produce easy, fast and sophisticated results.

Endoscopy Preparation

Some types of endoscopy require more extensive preparation than others. Some patients may be asked to avoid eating and drinking anything for several hours before the procedure. To reduce the risk of bleeding, patients usually asked to stop consuming blood-thinning medications several days before the procedure. For some types of endoscopy, patients will need to drink a special solution to clear their bowels. Some patients may also require antibiotic treatment before an endoscopy.

After the endoscopy, a person will usually need to rest quietly for about 30 minutes, at least until the effects of the sedative or anesthetic have worn off. Someone who has had a sedative will not be able to drive afterward and should arrange to get someone else to take them home.

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